Manage Your Depression & Anxiety with a Mental Health Counsellor in Cockburn & Fremantle

Mental health is a term which is often interchangeable with emotional health & well-being. It makes us aware of our overall well-being, our abilities and how we cope with the daily ups and downs of life. Optimum mental health is only achievable with proper self-care. However, if you do experience some issues or problems, then it doesn’t easily go away on its own. More often than not to help you go through your issues; you need professional mental health counseling. And if you do require professional help then I (Sandy Goldstone) from The Hearts’ Way; will be delighted to be your reliable mental health counsellor serving Cockburn & Freemantle, Perth and help you at your time of need.

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I Will Help You Realise the Root Cause of Your Depression & Anxiety

  • Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted, weary…?
  • Do you often get distracted or fail to fill in your sufficient hours of sleep…?

If so, then as you may know, these can be signs of a troubled and neglected emotional issue. As your mind is one complex organism, it requires time to heal when processing events that have occurred outside of its known reality. And professional counselling is a great way to have someone act as an empathic witness, resource, and guide when dealing with stress, depression and trauma from time to time.

As your compassionate counsellor, I will look to help you comprehend and realize the root cause of your mental anguish, presenting as depression and anxiety. I will assist you to identify what mental habits, attitudes, and beliefs are destructive to your mental health and wellbeing, and I will work with you to find empowering responses, and creative solutions to patterns of avoidance, denial, and self-sabotage, when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and triggered by potential threats, or actual life events.

Some of the Common Mental Problem Triggers Entail As Follows -

Losing a dear member of your family, loss of a close friend, forceful relocation to a new place, sexual abuse, domestic violence, career /job change, peer pressure, identity crisis, grief, loneliness, social anxiety, PTSD, racism and discrimination, financial stress, phobias, panic disorders, OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, personality disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, low moods, loss of emotions and so on…

My Online Health Counselling Will Empower You

Typically; you will start experiencing some changes post a hand-full of sessions with me. Along with that you will also find it easier to identify triggers and use recommended relaxation approaches to challenge all occurring unproductive thought patterns.


Mental health is known to cover a broad range of individual problems/illness. And when left unattended, the majority of them often require professional stress and depression counselling.

When working with you, I will systematically focus on each of your issues that you feel are disrupting your sense of mental stability and wellbeing, impacting your relationships, and disrupting your life.

And I am confident, that through our work together, and through your utilizing the practices that are shared, that you will feel calm, clear, and relaxed to bring about noticeable lifestyle changes in your sleeping, exercising, sexual and living routine.

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