Hello my name is Sandy Goldstone, it’s such a delight for my being to have you visit my page and have you read what lights up my heart and delights my soul. I am a great lover of Life, and cherish and value all the experiences and opportunities she has blessed me with, to know Her to be a benevolent, wise and unconditionally loving universe in which we have the privilege and joy to co-create with as energetic beings. I have had a vast range of life experiences, some of which would be referred to as a ‘dark night of the soul’, and it is through these experiences that I have learnt to stay open, present and compassionate with what is, while expanding and growing in my own knowing and understanding that our point of power, and path to freedom, always lies at choice. How we choose to respond to an experience is the difference between living in ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’, and contrary to what our conditioned minds would have us believe, any experience is not judged as either good or bad, shameful or celebratory, but as an opportunity for Grace to awaken us from mind/emotional conditioning, stories, or beliefs, that obscures our vision from seeing that AT OUR ESSENCE, we are already whole, enough, pure and innocent, as an embodied expression of Divine Love I AM.

I see myself as a perpetual student of Life, ever growing and expanding in my awareness of what it means to let my heart lead the way, listening to the call of my soul, so I can respond to whatever is arising from a place of clarity, wisdom, truth, courage, compassion and love. Hence, I have my own mentors and spiritual guides who keep me grounded, humble, grateful, and inspired to stay true to my purpose and path – I am here for the awakening of our hearts. The liberation of our souls. The embodiment of the Truth of Who and What we truly are; magnificent beings of Divine Love, unified as One by the light of Source. To assist others to peacefully and joyously uphold a higher vision and understanding, that no matter how dark things appear, within and around us, all is well within our Souls. As that which we truly are is eternally innocent, incorruptible and indestructible, but never naive or gullible.

As a spiritual mentor and holistic counsellor, I am highly intuitive and sensitive, with a great love for aliveness, clarity, freedom, and truth. I provide a space for self-enquiry that is heart-centric, warm, real, calm, and uplifting. I meet you where you are at, being present with what is, while holding space for you to grow and trust your hearts own capacity to stay and make peace with what feels uncomfortable in your body and psyche, as you release yourself from the erroneous beliefs – ‘I am my experiences, thoughts and feelings’.

I will provide you with practical strategies and tools so as to be patient with your pain and process of healing and integration, so you can embrace as your experience as being your own HIGHEST ANSWER, guided by your own wise ‘inner healer’ who will make known to you those experiences and parts of yourself that feel disconnected, wounded, unacceptable, frightening and incomplete. In doing so you will get to know, trust and experience that you have extraordinary inner resources, strengths and wisdoms to transform and transcend felt fears, trauma, grief, depression, health and relationship difficulties. Choosing to accept that you are already unconditionally loved, whole, innocent, pure, abundant, and enough. 

I have had the joy and privilege to serve and be in service in the following areas; Hospital Chaplaincy, Minister of Religion, Alcohol and other Drugs, Interpersonal violence, Sexual Assault and trauma, Homelessness, and Mental health.

I am a published writer, and artist. I love nature, animals, and my regular place of restoration is swimming at the beach. I also gain great joy through being creative through music, poetry, speaking, and song. And use these divine inspirations as an avenue to uplift and bless others.

I have a BA, Adv Dip Trauma Counselling, Certificates in: Emotional Release Counselling and Sandplay; children and adolescents, NLP, TFT, EFT, Hypnosis, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Astrology.

🙏 I welcome, whole heartedly, the joy of being able to hold space and facilitate your knowing your own lightness of Being, beauty and truth, so you can freely Laugh, Love and be Loved 'THE HEARTS WAY' - the way Life has always, and will ALWAYS LOVE You/Us.

Much love and blessings.