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“We all deserve the chance to be happy, content and fulfilled in life. What’s more; we have the right to feel good about ourselves and feel self-confident about the relationships we cultivate.” Say “YES”! Work with me; Sandy Goldstone; your compassionate, skilled, and experienced counsellor, qualified in relationship communication counselling; and I will give you the appropriate support to flourish in life, while facilitating your process to know yourself at the core of your Being, as your True Essence, by inviting you on an inward journey of curious contemplation and reflection, so you can joyously discover your WHOLENESS, real beauty, wisdom, and truth, so that you can freely Laugh, Love and be Loved ‘THE HEARTS WAY’ – the way Life has always, and will ALWAYS LOVE You! Being an avid lover of life; I always make an effort to cherish and value all the experiences and opportunities life has blessed me with, no matter what shape and form they may arrive in. To know and trust Life as a benevolent, wise and unconditionally loving Presence in which we have the privilege and joy to co-create with as energetic beings is such a beautiful and precious gift.

Your Trusted Spiritual Mentor & Holistic Counsellor in Cockburn & Fremantle

As a spiritual mentor and holistic counsellor, I am highly intuitive and sensitive, with a great love for aliveness, clarity, freedom, and truth. I always look to provide a sacred solaceful space for self-enquiry that is heart-centric, warm, real, calm, and uplifting.

I will meet you where you are at, being present with what is, while holding space for you to grow and trust your heart and minds own capacity to stay and make peace with what feels uncomfortable, both in your body and psyche; as you liberate yourself from the erroneous beliefs – ‘I am my experiences, thoughts and feelings’.

Regardless of the scale of loss and the severity of the pain’; I help you embrace the serenity of change – the only constant in this vast cosmos; growing beyond your inhibitions, grief and suffering so that you feel inspired, open-hearted, and courageous to make new choices to be reborn as a new, empowered and confident human being ready to go out into the world again and live your life- precisely like your soul was always meant to!

Each of my counseling sessions are sacred, discreet, and are aptly protected by client-counselor confidentiality.

I Provide a Wide-Range of Counselling Packages to My Respective Clients in Cockburn & Fremantle

Operating as your trusted counsellor in Cockburn & Fremantle; I have had the joy and privilege to serve and be in service in the following areas; Hospital Chaplaincy, Minister of Religion, Alcohol and other Drugs, Interpersonal violence, Sexual Assault and trauma, Homelessness, and Mental health.

I also have a BA, Adv Dip Trauma Counselling, Certificates in: Emotional Release Counselling and Sandplay; children and adolescents, NLP, TFT, EFT, Hypnosis, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Astrology.

Using my bag of expertise and know-how, I confidently offer a wide-variety of counseling packages to all service-seeking clients in my targeted region in Perth.

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Spiritual Trauma Counselling

Depression and Anxiety Counselling Online

Relationship communication counselling

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Take the First Step to Becoming the ‘New You’

I always look to nurture and uplift troubled individuals whose souls’ cry out desperately for help, and who are ready to know themselves through the lenses of Compassion, Peace, Wholeness, and Love rather than blame, shame, guilt, and fear. I have an unwavering passion for diversity and social justice. And I delight in empowering others to have an embodied knowing that we are each the Source of our own well-being.

I am deeply committed to my soul’s growth and evolution, and have sought, and continue to seek the guidance of other mentors and teachers, as I dance in, and with, this wondrous mystery, called Life. And it is from this place and space, as we interact together in our sessions, that I will invite you to look within and see that there are other possibilities for you to choose from that take you beyond the mental boundaries that have you feel stuck, frustrated, helpless and limited, to feeling focused, hopeful and inspired to trust your own soul’s resilience, inner wisdom, and capacity to know how to courageously go beyond your established comfort zones, and the boundaries of what feels old, ineffective and stale, and no longer supports you to make choices that have you feel happy, creative, and at ease within yourself and your relationships.

And through this process of True Self-Empowerment; being present with what is, I invite all who seek me in their time of need to allow the light of Grace that shines freely within all our hearts, to reveal that our natural state of being is one that is loving, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, wise and beautiful. And it is through connecting to our essence that we empower ourselves to meet the changes and challenges inviting growth and expansion with inspired optimism, trust and hope, that we have, already, within our essence, what is required to improve, flourish and thrive in our lives.

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