Connecting with Sandy has been such a gift for me. She has the incredible ability of helping me reframe things so profoundly that I am able to come back to a place of peace and calm within the storm. I feel inspired and uplifted by witnessing her own connection to Source energy. She is one in a million and I am blessed to have her in my Life.


QLD Australia.

SANDY, my gratitude to your presence in my life is abundant Sandy. Your support in removing layer upon layer of that which no longer serves me. Reminding me of my strength and compassion, most importantly for MYSELF. I am now choosing from a clearer place of integrity and know with certainty what I would like to create for myself and my family. Being clear, being direct and speaking my truth from the heart. I love you.

There are so many beautiful traits I see in you Sandy and I treasure how you encourage and see that they are inside all of us. All is welcome, both light and the dark, I actually feel now they are a team!

You are a beautiful woman whom I respect, cherish, adore and love wholeheartedly. I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with you and obtain guidance from you.


PERTH Australia

The gifts of Sandy - I treasure my time with Sandy. She has this amazing ability to calmly and gracefully bring everything into the love, joy and peace of Oneness. When I have been challenged her uncanny insight into my situation, and support of holding loving space has been divinely timed to assist me in easily flowing through the current transition. In her presence I feel celebrated that I may truly be me with all my flaws and foibles, even gently calling them out, allowing them to come inti the light for integration. From this state of acceptance, it's like a super boost to really shine my radiance to dance my life



I've had the pleasure of working with Sandy closely over the past few years. I'm deeply grateful for her guidance and for being a constant beacon of love and her deeper understanding of the truth of what is. She is anchored so deeply in this place that every problem, misconception or misunderstanding is met with such clarity and insight. By her continual reflection of this deeper awareness, she has assisted in consolidating in me a much more real and expanding foundation that now permeates through my life. She has so much to offer others articulating in such a gifted way that is greatly uplifting and inspiring. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.


QLD Australia

So beautiful vibrations listening to your voice, thank you Sandy. Your voice is so calming and grounding and I feel more present listening and being guided by you to come back home to my hearts light, clarity and wisdom


PERTH Australia

Thank you, Sandy, for holding me lovingly when I am lost in the illusion of patterning and separation. For delicately guiding me through the disconnect to reconnect in a new way of openness and love. For tenderly reuniting me with the clarity and gracefulness of my true purpose. Your awareness is a treasure gifted to all who come see you. Thank you for being you. Much love


BALI Indonesia

I highly recommend tuning into Sandy's divine transmission! Her essence is so pure and vibrates with such a resounding radiant light.:) A literal shot of transcendental healing light for your being. After receiving her service my sensitivity is heightened and the divine realm has started to reveal itself to me more clearly again. Thanks for your service to our ascension and collective awakening Sandy


Fremantle. Australia