Relationships’ Communication Online Counselling in Cockburn, Fremantle

One doesn’t simply come looking for a relationship counsellor unless their relationship stands at a very troubling and distressful place. And getting stuck in inflexible communication ruts, where misunderstandings, fighting, and power struggles are playing out endlessly with those we love, and want to feel seen, heard and valued by takes a heavy toll on our health and wellbeing. We may notice that we are drinking more, prone to colds, digestive issues and headaches, and that our heart aches, we feel sad, angry, stuck, lonely, disillusioned, and lost, while our sleep patterns are disturbed as our soul’s cry out to receive understanding and clear healthy solutions from someone who can assist us through this turbulent, confusing maze so we can to stay curious, open and vulnerable with our pain while exploring different ways to build authentic, heart-mind connection while expressing and communicating our ideas, feelings and needs with others. 

The emotional relationships we cultivate undoubtedly form the basis of our existence. They are imperative for several reasons.

It shows us how to love, be loved and who we want to have in our life.

They can serve as an invaluable anchor of safety, and support us to ground and stabilize ourselves whenever we feel like we are going to spiral out of control in blind rage. They can also offer us a safe place to fall, be vulnerable, while quelling our deep-rooted emotional turbulence which aids our sense of peace and mental stability, while increasing our sense of emotional well-being.

To be clear – ‘Relationships are often the glue which holds you together during life’s seemingly insurmountable difficulties and hordes of stressful situations which come about from time to time.

Without them… you would have a deadened spirit and lack the connection to your real self.’

Your Trustworthy Relationship Communication Online Counsellor in Cockburn & Fremantle

I, Sandy, as your spiritual mentor and relationship communication counsellor in Cockburn, Fremantle; Perth offers you heart-centric, warm, calm and uplifting sessions! I am kind, openhearted and understanding and always look to help troubled clients identify and understand their issues so together we can find workable solutions which have them feel connected, empowered, inspired and hopeful.

I Know you’ve Found Me Out In What Must Be An Incredibly Difficult Time For You…

Right now, we are all navigating our way through an unknown period of time that feels tumultuous and unsettling. A time that is asking us to mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolve, mature and transform from the inside out, as we witness the falling away of outdated, ineffective, and corrupt systems and structures of power and authority, falsely errected upon an ‘enemy/war’ and scarcity ethic – ego consciousness. But having to contend with physical restrictions, daily uncertainties about health, work, housing, and money, while new systems get built and old structures get given the opportunity to receive a heart led, wise, just, equitable, compassionate and peaceful makeover, can leave us feeling anxious, inadequate, worried and disoriented within ourselves, while putting additional stress and strain on our significant relationships.

Attempting to manage all facets of our lives well, a midst great change, can prove to be very destabilizing and daunting. So, much so that in trying to fulfill each of these responsibilities; you get very little time to relax, recuperate, heal the fears of the mind, as well as uplift and boost your spirits.

Some unfortunately even reach their breaking point; dig themselves deep into the influence of alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy coping means to get through all this.

Eventually all of this denial, avoidance and acts of self-harm can culminate, and act as an insidious pressure on your personal life as bit by bit, these behaviours erode and destroy all the things which you hold dear – including your current relationship!

So, are you are finding yourself emotionally lost and dwelling in depression…?

Moreover, do you find yourself getting into nasty arguments (most times with your partner), or feeling resentful but not willing to talk openly about what’s on your mind?

If so, then proactively reach out for my professional relationship communication online counselling before the situation takes the shape of something far worse and ruins your relationship far beyond the point of no repair. 

My Passion Is To Identify Your Underlying Relationship Issues & Help to Rebuild Your Relationship

Having offered insightful and helpful relationship counselling to countless people in need; I (Sandy) am a BA, Adv Dip Trauma Counselling, and Certificates in: emotional release relationship counselling.

My passion is to help troubled souls identify the fundamental cause of their relationship misery and help them re-build their bond and re-kindle their heart-felt feelings towards one another.

My Relationship Communication Counselling Can Help You with These Issues

  • Inequality between you and your partner
  • Infidelity and other affairs
  • Lack or loss of physical and mental intimacy towards your partner
  • Controlling abusive behaviour towards your partner (as well as others around you)
  • Inability to communicate openly
  • Sensing you’ve lost your love or are being taken for granted
  • Your childhood problems
  • Your issues and difficulties with your parents
  • Anger management issues
  • Any existing sexual problems
  • Issues arising with over excessive use of pornography
  • Difficulties with step children/in-laws or siblings

Existing narcissistic tendencies in either you or your partner

My Approach to Relationship Communication Counselling in Cockburn & Fremantle

The sessions begin with me establishing ground rules for safety through establishing a foundation of care and respect when speaking about yourself or another. I will discuss the power of speech and how the words we use either unify – building bridges to open and honest communication where others feel safe, curious, relaxed and respectful, or words that separate – building walls and barriers that have others feel threatened, defensive and hostile. I will invite you as an individual, or as partners to each identify the habitual words and patterns of speech you use towards yourself and others when feeling pressured, stressed, angry, or out of control. So, without judgement or blame, but rather from a place of compassionate awareness, you can start to gain a better understanding of how your choice of language and style of expression maybe adding more fuel to the fire of misunderstanding and disconnection, and being a hindrance rather than a help.

As, the quality of every relationship we have is but a reflection of the one we have with ourselves, the primary focus of our work together will be to identify what your story of love is, and how your parents or main childhood careers thought, spoke and related to you is now being unconsciously projected into your current relationship/s.  Armed with this awareness we can work together, identifying what language and patterns of speech you need to let go, while choosing to cultivate new ways of thinking and speaking to yourself, and therefore others, that fosters an environment that is respectful, loving, joyful and harmonious. This will create a new foundation where you can feel confident and optimistic in your ability to work through any current, or future arising issues with a partner in a respectful and sensitive manner. Thus, allowing for continued growth and positive progress.

How quickly one can gain this self-awareness and understanding to change, and make the positive changes, differs from person to person. But at a bare minimum, it typically requires more than 2-3 sessions to witness any noticeable progress.

Ready To Become Un-Stuck & Move Towards Your Relationship Potential..?

I meet you where you are at, being present with what is, while holding space for you to grow and trust your hearts’ own capacity to stay and make peace with what feels uncomfortable in your body and psyche, as you release yourself from erroneous beliefs that have had you think you are unlovable, unworthy, and not enough.  And therefore, leaving you to feel guilty, blamed, rejected, abandoned, and bad.

Under my relationship communication counselling; you will gain a deeper understanding of your unique relationship difficulties and will be given options and actions to assist you become “unstuck” and move toward your relationship potential.

So, book a 15-minute free online session whenever you’re ready!