Get your ZEST for Life back and Invite in Love, Joy and Peace with Spirituality Counselling in Cockburn, Fremantle & Perth.

Are you having a crisis of faith due to a recent loss?

Are you questioning the meaning of your existence and your place within the world?

Are you feeling lost, helpless, hopeless, angry and disorientated, like you are going through a dark night of the soul?

Are you ready to say “Yes”, to release and unburden yourself from carrying any burden and suffering reinforced through thoughts of blame, judgement, guilt, punishment and shame?

Are you ready to say “Yes”, and meet your True Self, beyond your thoughts, emotions and experiences?

Are you ready to say “Yes”, to knowing your truth and beauty?

Are you ready to say “Yes” to meeting yourself as Love I AM – loved, whole and enough?

Then this spirituality counselling service is the place for you.

At The Hearts Way; I (Sandy) offer, spirituality counselling sessions in and across Cockburn and Fremantle, Perth. Nothing brings my soul more joy and delight than guiding and assisting others on their path of awakening, to discover and see the wondrous beauty, light and power of their True Divine Self. I am a highly intuitive and sensitive counsellor with a great love for aliveness, clarity and truth. I will provide you with a nourishing and open-hearted space in which to engage in the process of compassionate self-inquiry, which invites us to be present with what is, anchored in our hearts and bodies, as we learn to create and hold space as the observer and witness, while examining and questioning our beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes about God, love, life, ourselves and each other. This exploration reveals to us the value of quiet, and listening inside to what feels already calm and peaceful, underneath the ego drives that want to control, repress and suppress the mental worry and noise, and our emotional patterns of resistance that arise from that. Thus, further leading us to create and experience greater alienation, isolation, pain, suffering, and struggle, arising from a sense of separation and inner disharmony.

Our work together will challenge you to go beyond your habitual thoughts and emotional patterns that create the illusion of separation, scarcity, fragmentation, disunity and being unlovable. I will provide you with practices and tools that will assist you to strengthen your connection and trust to that unchanging peace, deep within. So, when met with the visiting energies of anxiety, disbelief, and despair, you can choose to be in the quiet, gentle place of the observer, as you allow them to be fully felt, and flow on through the body, while grounding and resting in the pool of deep unchanging peace.

This work will ask you to drop your stories that deny your Divine Sovereignty, and lie about you being powerless, ugly, bad, a victim, condemned, rejected and abandoned by Life. It will invite you to start seeing yourself through the Eyes of Love Presence. So, when thoughts and feelings of anger, fear, grief and shame arise you can meet them with the heart’s wisdom and compassion, rather than with blame, criticism and judgment.


The purpose of spirituality counselling, is for you to remember, rediscover, recover and illuminate what has always, and will always, be true about you. And that this knowing can and does enliven and energize the body, while calming and soothing your mind, expanding your heart, and deepening your soul’s capacity to unconditionally love, and be loved, be kind, peaceful, and joyful, while expressing gratitude that you can choose to hold yourself through the non-judging, loving gaze of Divine Wholeness, while healing and reconnecting with those places and spaces inside that feel disconnected, wounded, unacceptable, frightening and incomplete. Due to your body still carrying the energetic imprint of the experiences that have not yet been fully felt, digested and integrated back into your whole being.

Speak To Me & book a session whenever you are ready

I offer Spirituality Counselling sessions in and across Cockburn & Fremantle, Perth, to anyone who is ready to: –

Know and experience that you have extraordinary inner resources, strengths, and wisdoms to transform and transcend your fears, past trauma, addictions, depressions, anxieties and relationship difficulties. 

Allow the loving presence found within the present moment, abiding in you, as you, to illuminate what never was you, or your burden to carry, as a Divine Sovereign Being. 

Stop denying, hiding, and suppressing what you really think and feel so as to please others, becoming what others expect and want, for fear of disapproval, rejection and abandonment. Which only leads to rejecting and abandoning yourself, your true passions, and what allows your heart to dance and your soul to naturally sing!

Say “Yes”, to accepting and receiving practical tolls that enhance your capacity to love yourself even more, that support you to dive deeper into your creativity and joy as a Divine Conscious Creator, and experience greater freedom to bring forth your soul’s unique signature of wisdom, grace and beauty, so you can fully shine your light, to thrive and prosper in all areas of your life.