Tune In To The Real FREQUENCY OF YOU – LIGHT and make LOVE, JOY, PEACE  and FREEDOM your Home for Conscious Creation by visiting my Online Energy Work Counselling Service – Cockburn, Fremantle & Perth.

When was the last time you felt angry, joyful or sad?

What were your thoughts at that time?

How did it feel in your body?

Did you notice if the feeling of sadness felt heavier in the body, than the feeling of Joy?

What tone do you hold and speak when feeling angry or calm?

Can you feel and see a difference when you speak, act and create from a place and space of frustration and agitation, rather than from a place and space of peace and trust? Is there any difference in the response you get from others?

In the Kybalion, an ancient religious text, it states; “nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”. Which means everything in the universe is always in motion and is vibrating to a certain frequency, creating different effects. So even when something appears dense in form like a tree, table, or a human being, if one was to look at that density under a high-powered microscope, you would see a whole heap of different molecules moving through time and space without any real physical form. What makes it different from another form such as heat or light, is the frequency with which it is vibrating at.

So, if EVERY THING IS ENERGY, as quantum physics states, and all objects and forms vibrate on a continuum and impacts what comes into physical reality, then that includes our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, desires and the way in which we speak. And not only does the vibrational tone of our speech, the energy field of our emotions, and frequency of our thinking affect our life and what we create, but it has a direct effect on the lives of those around us, our natural environment, and our Earth Home.

Now the question is, are you ready to tune into the real frequency of You – Light? And vibrationally align and create your reality from your true essence; love, instead of fear?

Are you ready to set yourself free from false limiting beliefs about money? And elevate your thinking to the vibration of ‘money loves me’? So as to stop the struggle and incessant thoughts of worry and resentment that there is not enough. And to have this keep being your created reality? 

Are you ready to see what happens to your growth in Self-Love, and your capacity to interact harmoniously with others when you consciously align your energy to create and receive from the frequency of gratitude and appreciation?

Then this energy work counselling service is the place for you.

At The Hearts Way; I (Sandy) offer, energy work counselling sessions in and across Cockburn and Fremantle, Perth. I am a highly intuitive and sensitive cousellor with a great love for aliveness, clarity and truth. Nothing brings my soul more joy and delight than guiding and assisting others on their path of awakening to regain an embodied sense of their Divine Sovereignty, as Light and Love I AM. And it is indeed humbling and wondrous for my heart, witnessing the change that takes place within people’s lives and relationship’s as they consciously choose to create themselves anew, releasing themselves from images of self that have had them tethered to the past, feeling burdened, dis-eased, anxious and depressed, and falsely creating their reality from a prism whose main vibrational frequency was one of fear, loneliness, pain, rejection and self – loathing, which kept them stuck in a perpetual ‘ground hog day’, unconsciously creating more of those experiences to live. Then to witness their inner courage to heal and let go the lower vibrational density of fear, doubt and mistrust and choose to move, speak and create from a higher vibration of their True beautiful, wise, whole and light-filled Self is inspiring and delightfully glorious!

Energy Work Counselling – It's All About Vibrating to The Truth of You!

The purpose and focus of this work is to assist you in identifying what habitual thoughts, emotional patterns, beliefs, and attitudes are having you keep creating your reality and experiences from the low vibrational density of fear, pain, struggle, fighting, judgement, shame, guilt, blame and separation.  To do this I will invite you to engage in a process of compassionate self-inquiry, which invites you to be present with what is, anchored in your heart and body, so you can learn to create and hold space as the observer while noticing what thoughts and emotional patterns are arising and how it feels in the body – light and spacious, heavy and dense?

This exploration will reveal the vibrational value of stillness and quiet, and have you begin to notice the contrast between what feels energetically calm, loving and peaceful – your True Self, and what feels vibrationally noisy, dense, fearful and chaotic – your ego consciousness, and how it then changes how you speak, act and what you create. For when you can notice the difference, vibrationally, and how it has you feel, closer to your open heart of love, or further away, then you can make a different energetic choice from which to align and create your reality with that that has you feel light, loved, inspired, peaceful and happy.

Speak To Me & book a session whenever you are ready

I offer Energy Work Counselling sessions in and across Cockburn & Fremantle, Perth, to anyone who is ready to: –

Say “Yes”, to creating your relationships from a place and space of kindness and peace, rather than from a place and space of impatience and criticism.

Say “Yes”, to accepting and receiving tools and practices to move you beyond creating your life from the illusion of separation, scarcity, war, hatred, fighting, inequality, and disunity.

Say “Yes” to feeling Great! Brilliant! Joyous! Content!

Say “Yes”, to embody and embrace a vibrational knowing of yourself as a Child of the Light, born from Lights – Love into Love I AM.

Vibrate and create from your True Self, going beyond the false self lies of abandonment, rejection, punishment, condemnation, unworthy, not enough and unlovable.

See and vibrationally claim yourself and create your life from always connected to the Universal Source of abundance, always cherished, guided, unconditionally loved and celebrated. Experience the joy of living and creating from the transformative vibrations of your heart’s beauty, truth and power, dancing in and as Divine Love, and manifesting your reality as a magnificent being of the Light I AM!