Navigate Your Grief & Loss with a Grief and Loss Counsellor in Cockburn & Fremantle

Everyone suffers grief and loss at some point in their lives. And the passing away of someone dear often rattles and traumatizes the grieving person; tearing them apart from the inside and leaving them in a state of raw, inescapable anguish.

However, besides the death of a dear one; grief can also be experienced in the event of other losses such as divorce, breaking-up of a relationship, loss of a job, failed pregnancy, infedility, suffering a chronic or terminal illness, supporting someone with terminal illness and so on!

People often grieve in their own way. While some grieve openly with great shows of emotions in public; others will do it silently by keeping their overflowing emotions to themselves, while others may bury themselves in work, as a means of avoidance and distraction.

For some, the process of grief is felt, accepted and integrated into a new sense of ‘normal’ relatively easily. However, in the case of others, it can take a bit longer for them to get through the grieving stages.

I Can Help You Navigate Through Your Grief, & Cope With Your Uncomfortable Feelings

Even though grief is considered to be a normal process, often individuals can get stuck in grief and resort to improper use of alcohol and other drugs to cope with their feelings, isolating themselves, becoming aggressive, anxious, and even suicidal at times. People shell-shocked by loss can experience something of an emotional roller-coaster, while navigating these unknown emotional turbulent seas, and the mental anguish that often follows with it, which incorporates feelings of anger, shock, numbness, relief, confusion, sadness, guilt, disbelief and so on. Stress, mental instability and depression can also develop with unresolved grief and loss. Fortunately, I (Sandy Goldstone) from The Hearts’ Way provide you with sensitive, interactive and thought-provoking grief and loss counselling sessions to help you stay in your body, navigate your feelings and facilitate the grieving process. Through my well-crafted, insightful and compassionate counselling sessions; I will empower you to make different choices, enabling you to reverse any unhelpful behaviors, develop new, effective skills to cope with the symptoms of grief so you can feel confident and peaceful to move positively forward in your life at a pace that feels compassionate, nurturing and stabilizing!

I Am Here For You in Your Grief

If so, then I as your grief counsellor promise to help you get through this painful period and renew you with hope.

During my sessions; I will provide a sacred space and a container of safety, for you to gain a renewed sense of agency during your whole journey of grief. You can speak your heart-out, cry and openly express your grief and loss that’s ripping you apart from the inside.

After giving you space to express, listening to your pent-up emotions; I will look to guide you by inviting you to explore various other elements of your grief. I will assist you to find new rituals and ceremonies that allow you to hold on to the important memories of your loved ones, and celebrate life with those who are still physically present, and who clearly matter the most in your life.

Along with that; we will work together to provide you with a manageable structure for making decisions regarding future plans, back-to-work plans and so on.

With just 6 sessions with me, incorporating the strategies and tools shared, and I am confident that your capacity to deal with the grief, in a way in which your nervous system does not feel so overwhelmed, and your capacity to think clearly, and stay grounded in your body, with a sense of calm and peace, will be manageable, finding it easier to deal with your day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

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The road to recovering from severe grief and loss is not without its challenges. However, I assure to provide you with all the support you need to process and come to a place of acceptance and peaceful resolution with your grief and loss.

Feel free to book my 15-minute free online session whenever you see fit.